Lost Mines

Welcome to the Lost Mines Section. Here, you will read stories about many people who were known to have very high grade mines that died (or were killed). People who found valuable veins, gold ledges, placer locations, and the like, and for whatever reasons, could not find them again.

Some people think that all of these types of stories are bogus. I don't think that to be accurate at all. Anybody who has ever been in the desert and mountains, can tell you that one place looks just like many other places. If a person is not familiar with an area, it would be very easy to get lost or not be able to find their way back to a particular place.

Lost Mine and Placer Stories:
1. The Lost Hermit John Mine. The story of what witnesses saw John bring into town, only to never be seen again.
2.Bighorn Trail Ledge of Gold. A railroad worker who was looking for dinner, but instead found a ledge of rich rose quartz generously sprinkled with gold.
3. Kovac's Lost Placer. A story about how prospector found and lost a rich placer deposit.
4. Underground River of Gold. The story of what could be the biggest unfound source of gold in the United States (and maybe the world).
5. Ancient Emerald Mine. In the Santa Rosa Mountains, there is an ancient emerald mine once worked by Indians.
6. Lost Phantom Mine. A well documented rich placer gold mine. Many have looked for it, but it has not been found in modern times.
7. Fig Tree John Mine. An Indian with that name had a neverending source of gold that he would (and did) kill to protect.
8. Santa Rosas Cloudburst Placer. Fig Tree John told the well documented story of a secret Indian source of placer gold.
9. Peg Leg Smith's Black Gold Nuggets. You can't tell stories of lost mines and placer deposits without this most famous one.
10. Hank Brandt's Lost Mine. Another well documented story of a man who had a good source of gold ore, who was found dead without anyone knowing where it came from.